Versus Versace Fall Winter 2018 Advertising Campaign

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Versus Versace Fall Winter 2018 Advertising Campaign

Versus: Against the Expected

Versus takes its stand: a reaction in contrast to the mainstream.
Trends are ignored because the Versus way marches to its own beat. The Fall-Winter 2018 campaign illustrates that strong opposition to the already-seen and expected, reflected by the sharp contrast between black and white.

Versus juxtaposes heritage and (r)evolution, action and reaction.
High fashion and street style are intertwined between high-heel logo boots and the Anatomia sock sneakers.
Styling has attitude: it flows against the current. The Versus girls and guys don’t follow dress codes, seasons or abide by minimalism.

They were not born to follow rules, but to make their own.
Graphic checkerboard backgrounds represent confrontation.
Always a step (or three) ahead, Versus gathers a team of hyper-connected cultural innovators, creators and makers who believe that community and voice are everything.

Photographed by Hanna Moon, this rebellious story features a cast of rising London-based models who are culturally relevant, generating a buzz in the industry for their unique point of view.

Photographer & Director – Hanna Moon
Stylist – Allegra Versace
Art director – Jamie Reid
DOP – Eddie Whelan
Stylist – Allegra Versace
Art director – Jamie Reid
Hair Styling – Soichi Inagaki
Make up – Thomas de Kluyver
Set design – Suzanne Beirne
Producer – Lauren Ford
Senior Project Manager – Felicity Shaw

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