Brann Dailor – Red Death (from DC’s Dark Nights: Metal Soundtrack) [Official HD Audio]

Saldi Invernali Oliviero
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Brann Dailor - Red Death  (from DC's Dark Nights: Metal Soundtrack) [Official HD Audio]

Red Death from DC’s Dark Nights: Metal Soundtrack. Featuring Brann Dailor from Mastodon.


When they took you away
I felt like I should dig in
Make sure this never happens again
So I will use my speed
And I will use my hands
I will use this anger inside of me

Red Reigns down
Nothing changes
Red Reigns down
It’s only me

Flesh is ripped from bone
As I race destruction
My own enemy
Revenge is not so sweet
Flashes of him come from within
Smothered and strangled
His cries are never to be heard again


The faster that I fly the faster I will break
The burning side of me is showing on my face
It doesn’t seem to matter constant state of decay
Frustration setting in can’t make it all go away
Signal night and day always in my view

As I wander alone
Through this desolation
I see reflections in puddles of gasoline and fire
As I stare in this pool
Deep into the abyss
I hear the distant voice of another living soul


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